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Aipeia Consulting – ethical legal and business consulting services

Aipeia Consulting provides ethical legal and business consulting services within Cyprus and internationally. We advise on policy implementation, employee rights, human rights in the workplace, discrimination and equal opportunity as part of our business and operational consulting services to both employers and employees as appropriate. Our founder, Artemis Evangelidi has Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws degrees from Monash University in Melbourne Australia majoring in Human Rights and International Law. She has spent the last 16 years providing legal and operational support to companies and individuals both locally and internationally.

Location: Famagusta, Keryneia, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Paralimni
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Alpha Physio Care

Alpha Physio Care is a private physiotherapy and clinical Pilates studio established and managed by Anastasija Uvarova. She is qualified physiotherapist (University of Bradford, UK), who has received specialized training with Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy Association (UK) and works with pelvic floor and diastasis recti rehabilitation for the past two years. Anastasia is also Certified Clinical Pilates instructor (APPI), ante and post-natal, and specializes in musculoskeletal conditions in pregnancy.

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Andreea Aciu Photography

Andreea Aciu Photography: Maternity, Birth photography, Newborn, Christening , Family session, Smash the cake etc. A good photographer is known for his passion and pleasure to do his work. It fascinates the diversity and the idea of turning key moments of people’s life into art. A complete album means instant snapshots that capture stolen looks, momentary reactions, and classic, refined, discussed, and scheduled pictures As an experienced Photographer , I’ve photographed a wide variety of events, all in search of special moments. The perfect day begins with you, your originality, taste, and style witch will inspire everything I do.

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Anna Lyssiotou, Licensed Counseling Psychologist

  Bilingual in Greek and English. Anna Lyssiotou was trained as a Counseling Psychologist in the U.S.A. Her areas of focus and experience include: subfertility and support for couples undergoing fertility treatments, psychological issues in pregnancy as well as negative outcomes (such as miscarriage and stillbirth), psychological preparation for birth and processing traumatic birth experiences, preparation for the postnatal period and management of postnatal depression, and parenting with a focus on attachment. In addition, Anna has special interest in anxiety disorders, LBGT issues, and women’s rights issues. She has collaborated with ISIS clinic and holds a private practice in Strovolos. Contact: 99677856,

Archbishop Makarios lll Hospital (ABM lll), Nicosia

Birth preparation classes are offered in this public hospital by the midwives every Thursday in Greek for free. Contact person is Natasa or Stella 22405139. Location: Korytsas 6 Akropoleos & Korytsas Corner Strovolos, Nicosia City 1066

Location: Nicosia
Related to: birth, pregnancy

Makarios Hospital

Baby Academy

Baby Academy Limassol has gathered specialists to deliver classes, courses and group meetings in order to educate and support you in becoming the perfect parent! Events include Breastfeeding Support Group, First Aid for Babies and Toddlers, Prenatal Classes, Baby Massage Seminars and many more.

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Blooming Baby

Blooming Baby instructors offer professional guidance to parents on motor, sensory, emotional, and social development of babies from birth until 24 months. Blooming Baby workshops take place weekly in Nicosia and bi-weekly in Limassol. Each session covers diverse topics and activities appropriate for the baby’s age and stages of development. You will practice one-on-one with your baby and take part in fun group activities.

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Boubouki Kindergarten

Boubouki Kindergarten is located in Strovolos Nicosia since 1979. Our school is fun, safe and instructive. We adjust our educational activities according to each child.In the years of infancy and pre-school age (0-6 years old) our most important goal is the all-round development of children (emotionally, mentally, socially and personally). We see school as the extension of the child’s family at these ages and we believe that every child has the right to love, equal opportunities and personal empowerment. Nicosia, Strovolos Telephone number 22427944 Facebook page


Center of Systemic Counselling ‘Logo Psixis’ (Λόγω Ψυχής) (Psychologist)

Andri Christoudia Gumuskut was born in Nicosia. She is a Psychologist trained in  Systemic  Family Psychotherapy and the owner of Center of Systemic Counselling ‘Logo Psixis’ (Λόγω Ψυχής). She is a Certified Parents Trainer based on the Parents Effectiveness Training Model of Dr. Thomas Gordon and a Certified Group Facilitator (NOCN)and works with groups  if adults, parents and children in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol. She had also been extensively trained in the Group Therapy  Method of the Systemic Sculpture and runs adult therapy groups in both Greek and English. She   offers counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families and groups. She cooperates with a number of organizations such as Pediheart Cyprus, Birth Forward, Cyprus Volunteer’s Association, Cyprus Antireumatism Association and the Cultural Centre Κόσμος Χωρίς Σύνορα.  She is a member of the Volunteers Association for more than 20 years and had been trained and offered consultation on the line 1440 of the Association against the Prevention of Violence in the Family. Αndri has been conducting  support groups for parents  for various organisations  and is now running the monthly greekRead More

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Christine Kylilis Acupuncturist / Herbalist

Christine Kylilis is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She graduated from her joint bachelors degree in traditional Chinese medicine from Middlesex University and Beijing University of Chinese medicine, and received her postgraduate degree in Chinese herbal medicine from the University of Westminster. Throughout her studies she has trained in several leading acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinics in both London and Beijing. Christine currently runs a general practice in Limassol with a special focus on fertility. Her unique approach to fertility support incorporates research-based treatment protocols with traditional Chinese medicine. Using herbs, acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle advice, she offers a wide range of customized treatment programmes to help increase the chance of a natural pregnancy and provides supportive care for those undergoing assisted reproduction. W: F:


Creative Lifeways Ayuveda – women’s yoga, natural therapies and some cooking…

Creative Lifeways Ayurveda offers Yoga and Ayurveda classes specializing in Fertility Yoga #yogaforfertility in Nicosia. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through assisted processes we can support you. We also offer massage treatments to enhance fertility, reduce period pain, balance hormones, pregnancy massage including for relaxation. Our nutritional and holistic lifestyle workshops focus on fertility, hormonal balance, pregnancy, and post-natal recovery. For more information click here:

Cypriot Breastfeeding Association – Gift for Life

The Cyprus Breastfeeding Association “Gift for Life” was founded in 2009 by pediatricians, parents and supporters of breastfeeding and as an evolution of the Nicosia Breastfeeding Support Group. Its aim is to promote breastfeeding to future parents and to support them after their baby is born. The association holds monthly meetings and seminars in most cities in Cyprus. It also provides a free helpline: 8000 6262 (mama).

Dobem Zehra Ayça Aysen

do & bem Founded in 2015 in Nicosia (in the North) to change the negative beliefs of the birth of the parents before and after the birth, to prepare them for their birth and their babies. We give the birth preparation training and breastfeeding and baby care training, in compatible line with Lamaze International, Active Birth and HypnoBirthing training system to the international standards. With the services of Pre & Perinatal Birth Therapy and Doula (birth support) services, we are proud of preparing them for this process by supporting every process of the family. Zehra Ayça Aysen was born in Nicosia 1st of August 1985. In 2009, she graduated from Near East University, , Faculty of Arts and Sciences , Department of Psychology and during her undergraduate studies he worked voluntarily at different child-development and rehabilitation centers and took part in trainings to support family informants and in-house trainings. After completing the graduate program of the Near East University Clinical Psychology Department in 2012, she established the Personal Development & Psychotherapy Center. Here she still continues to work about; IndividualRead More


Earth Spa and Wellness Center: Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy treatments and massage packages are among Earth spas signature treatments! Packages include weekly treatments that are designed to relieve mother from pregnancy symptoms and help a smooth baby development.  These treatments include reflexology, general and pelvic lymphatic drainage, abdominal toning, back and neck treatment, sciatic treatment. Earth Spa and Wellness Center officially opened its doors in May 2010 in the Makenzy Area and brought a breath of fresh air to the town of Larnaka. With friendly and highly specialized staff as well as state of the art equipment, Earth spa is offering a large variety of treatments for the face and body, as well as beauty and hair treatments. The Spa’s main philosophy and goal is not only outer beauty but also the rejuvenation and relaxation of all senses, including mind and spirit. At the same time Earth Spa offers Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions, either private or group. There are also special packages for couples, pregnancy, friends, hens parties, wedding packages, birthday parties, and many more, in the specially designed rooms of the Spa. Special seminars regarding the mindRead More

Location: Larnaca
Related to: pregnancy

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Euforia Wellness Center

ο Euforia Wellness Center είναι ένα εξειδικευμένο Κέντρο Συμπληρωματικής Θεραπευτικής και Μαιευτικής Συμβουλευτικής. Λειτουργώντας σε δύο κατευθύνσεις το κέντρο μας έχει σκοπό να προσφέρει σε πρώτο άξονα μια συμπληρωματική μέθοδο θεραπείας σε διάφορα προβλήματα υγείας αλλά και μια μέθοδο χαλάρωσης από την καθημερινότητα και το στρες. Στο κέντρο μας συνδυάζουμε την αρχαία σοφία και τη δύναμη της φύσης μαζί με την σύγχρονη επιστημονική έρευνα και τεκμηρίωση. Προσφέρονται υπηρεσίες • θεραπευτικού και χαλαρωτικού μασάζ με αιθέρια έλαια. Η κάθε θεραπεία είναι εξατομικευμένη και δίνεται μετά από προσεκτική λήψη του ιατρικού σας ιστορικού • θεραπείες σώματος όπως αποτοξίνωση, ενυδάτωση, καταπολέμηση κυτταρίτιδας • θεραπείες προσώπου με φυσικά προϊόντα και αιθέρια έλαια • Ενεργειακή θεραπεία Ρέικι Κοντά μας θα βρείτε και τα προϊόντα της γνωστής ελληνικής εταιρίας Vitamelia που περιλαμβάνουν συμπληρώματα διατροφής, προϊόντα φροντίδας προσώπου και σώματος καθώς και οικολογικά καθαριστικά. Euforia Maternity Προσφέρονται μαθήματα προετοιμασίας τοκετού τα οποία είναι μια σειρά προσωπικών ή ομαδικών συνεδριών που έχουν σκοπό να προετοιμάσουν το ζευγάρι για την εγκυμοσύνη , τον τοκετό, τον θηλασμό, την περίοδο της λοχείας καθώς και τη φροντίδα του βρέφους. Μασάζ εγκύου ΤοRead More



Filotokos is an NGO based in Limassol founded by local midwives which support natural birth and offer psychoprophylaxis, a method of preparing women for childbirth without anesthetic, by means of education, psychological and physical conditioning, and breathing exercises. Contact: 96 847893

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Happy Tortoise Kids Yoga, Red Thread Yoga, Bikram Yoga Cyprus

Iole Damaskinos-Vernhes studied Psychology at Stanford University and is trained in the UK and U.S. in Yoga Therapy techniques for various populations, as well as in Ayurvedic healing. She has worked for over 20 years with children and adults of all ages. She currently offers private sessions, classes and workshops in Mindfulness, Yoga, Menstrual Healing/Fertility, Support for Single & Step Mums, and Menopause support.


Holistic Nutritionist Barbara Karafokas

Barbara Karafokas MSc, is a qualified holistic nutritionist and a Health, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. She loves to teach others about healthy eating and living. Barbara offers nutritional counseling on many topics such as  infertility, pre-conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning babies, fussy eaters(toddlers), kids and teens. She will guide and advise you, how best you may nourish yourself and your family. She is also the author of ‘The Med Life Diet – 12 Essential Steps to Creating Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle Habits & Attitudes for Life”.  E-mail: Tel:            + 357 99 682327


Kidsperience Preschool

Kidsperience Preschool, which accepts children from ages 2-5 years old, is an English speaking Nursery following the British National Curriculum, providing its students with Greek and Russian sessions in addition, encouraging multilingualism. The school uses a progressive, holistic approach to learning, creating a balance between preparing the children for academic life but also life itself and encouraging healthy habits from a young age. The Kidsperience approach aims to give children the opportunity to develop skills that will allow them to thrive in any environment. Creating a sense of community is a major value in Kidsperience’s philosophy – the school also offers workshops and seminars to parents and guardians in order to provide support and professional advice on common parenting topics. as well as assisting in developing skills useful in the upbringing of children. Facebook Page


Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co

I’m Lisa Gargaro, a holistic baby and child sleep consultant, based in Paphos, Cyprus. I help exhausted and overwhelmed parents get back to sleep which allows them to parent with confidence all over Cyprus and the UK .  Having had issues with my own children’s sleep which resulted in myself developing Insomnia I turned to find help. having turned to read lots of books, which at the time of sleep deprivation were too complicated in my exhausted mind, eventually, I just got the professional support it needed. Transformation in my family and I was unbelievable. This was when I made the decision to become a sleep consultant. Sleep is taught, not natural. They don’t in most cases grow out of it. what you find is as adults they still continue to have sleeping issues of some kind or another. Sleep is not a luxury or necessity,  it is essential. The only other thing which is needed more by your body is breathing..  Over the last 5 years, I have achieved several certifications in infant and child sleep, phycology, childhood development,Read More

Liza Schaefer – Doula, Breastfeeding Consultant, Mom of 4 kids

Doula, Breastfeeding Consultant, Mom of 4 kids. More than 8 years of doula experience together with women on their way to motherhood. Lisa speaks Russian, Belarusian, German and English. Her goal is to help women find their own inner source  of strength. She wants motherhood to become easier for women, kids to be born and grown up in tranquility and reliance, and families to have more support and mutual understanding. She inspires moms to self-realisation for a better world. Services:  In pregnancy: Childbirth education induvidually and in groups. Neurographics drawing. In labour: Doula support. Breastfeeding help. In postpartum period: Belly thai-massages with herbal sacks and oil. Postpartum closing ceremony for moms. Birth Story Sharing Marathon online. Lisa works in all the cities of Republic of Cyprus.  Facebook page Instagram Website (currently in progress)

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Midwife Tanny Tran

Tanny is a midwife and graduated from City University (London) with a Bachelor in Midwifery in 2010. She trained as a student midwife at the University College London Hospital (UCLH) and was registered with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council. Tanny teaches antenatal classes covering pregnancy care, labour and birth, postnatal care for mother and newborn, and breastfeeding. She also offers private support and advice services to mothers for breastfeeding and care of newborn babies. Tanny is dedicated and committed about educating and supporting women in their journey in becoming mothers. She is a volunteer member of Birth Forward organization and coordinate the birth experience support groups. Prior to being a midwife, Tanny was a qualified pharmacist and graduated from the School of Pharmacy, University of London in 1993. She also obtained a Diploma in Business Studies from the London School of Economics (LSE) and worked as a hospital and community pharmacist in London. She is a mother of two and currently lives and works in Limassol, Cyprus. For further information and details of her classes, please contact Tanny onRead More

Mummy and Me Wellness Centre

Mummy and Me Wellness Centre is the place to be! The idea behind the creation of Mummy & Me Wellness Centre was to be able to provide and support all women in this beautiful journey of Motherhood. From pregnancy to after birth, all under one roof. At our studio we are offering: * Clinical Pilates * Prenatal Clinical Pilates * Postnatal Clinical Pilates – starting as early as 6 weeks Postpartum * Toddler’s Activity 10 months – 2 years old – Mummy (or/and Daddy!) and child * Let’s Move 2-5 Years Old * Infant Massage * Seminars * Psychological support * Mum to Mum support group * Breastfeeding Support Additionally we offer Nutritional advice for: * Pregnancy * Childhood obesity * Family Healthy Eating Habits

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Mums in Cyprus

Mums in Cyprus is a free to join, young website community by mums for mums. Innovative and refreshingly different, MiC is you, me, and all the other fabulous mothers on this island we call home. Whether you are a first time mum or a seasoned mum, whether you live in Cyprus or are planning to move here, join us and mingle with all the wonderful, fantastic, multi-tasking super-mums out there. With plenty of dedicated forum categories and networking opportunities, MiC provides a platform for communication, advice and friendship. There are also lots of spesific language groups which makes it easier to communicate with people in Cyprus from your own language background.

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My Baby Organics G.A.A. is a Cyprus based family business which features an exclusive range of organic clothing for babies and kids up to five years old. We produce our own line of organic cotton clothes and at the same time we offer our customers a variety of baby related products from certified and highly acclaimed organic suppliers. Our mission at My Baby Organics is to create and sell products (worldwide) with a happy and ethical ecological history. Clothes and other baby items that are made with certified organic cotton, grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides. We care for you and your baby the same way we care for the earth and its sources. That’s why we make beautiful things the right way.


Pachamama Centre – Pregnancy Yoga, Biodanza and Bach Remedies

Pachamama Center in Nicosia has Yoga and Tango classes with weekly groups and private lessons. Additionally  we are doing Biodanza & Essential Remedies therapies- (Bach). Our yoga is consider therapeutic, because we are concentrate not only to exercise our body, but to heal different injuries, or other functions of the body. Also we want to seek internal balance and peace. We are working with people who have special needs or special difficulties . We have yoga on the chair for people who cant seat on the floor. With pregnant women we are creating groups of yoga and Biodanza to prepare the mother to enjoy a healthful journey until the day she will give birth, but also to create a special bond with her child and feel support with the other mothers of the group and the facilitator Yoga Eleftheria Christou is Yoga Teacher since 1995. She study Yoga in three different schools, Ananda Marga, Oki Yoga, and Integral Yoga and is a member of International Federation of Yoga. She is Specialist in therapeutic Yoga for pregnant women, and generally for allRead More

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Smile Hypnobirthing

Smile Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal educational program, based on logic, scientific evidence and female intuition. Smile Hypnobirthing empowers the mother so that she always be in charge, while enjoying the miracle of pregnancy and birth. Hypnobirthing mothers give birth in a gentle way, trusting the natural ability of their body to birth. A hypnobirth is usually easier, shorter and comfortable and in many cases even pain-free, and so medical interventions most of the times are avoided or eliminated. Also, hypnobirthing helps the baby to arrive in a smooth and calm way, as nature intended, ready to bond with its mother and settle easily into healthy sleeping and feeding patterns. The main techniques of Smile Hypnobirthing are: self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, breathings, positive affirmations, energy balance and massage techniques. The benefits of attending a hypnobirthing course are many with the most important being the achievement of a natural, gentle and comfortable birth. Other benefits are: releasing of stress, fear and tension; informed choices; control and confidence during birth; shaping a positive attitude towards pregnancy, birth and life itself! Hypnobirthing is aRead More

Location: Nicosia
Related to: Hypnobirthing, birth, pregnancy


The Centre

Weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes and Monthly Breastfeeding classes.   Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga Course is an internationally acclaimed pregnancy & well woman yoga that strives to enable women to give birth with minimal intervention, whilst acknowledging this may not be possible for all. The early weeks of breastfeeding can be challenging. Come with your baby and receive help and guidance in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Sleepy babies, burping, pumping and storing breast milk, and returning to work will be some of the topics discussed. Sharing experiences with other mums will help you gain confidence in breastfeeding.


The Healing Stars – Play Therapy and Parenting Support

Belina Louvrou is a registered Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist MBACP specializing in Play Therapy and Parenting Support. Belina completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology in Greece and then she moved to London where she completed her postgraduate studies in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health. After her master she was trained in Psychotherapy for 4 years specializing in Play Therapy. During her time in London she has worked in primary schools and children’s centers offering Play Therapy and Parenting Support. She is a registered member of BACP (the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and she is on the BACP Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists with a registration number 238718. In 2018, after almost 8 years in London she moved to Limassol where she created The Healing Stars, offering play therapy, parenting support and parenting programmes. The aim is to provide a holistic approach and the mission is to “Support children and families to have emotionally healthy lives”. Belina is bilingual in Greek and English.


The Mum & Baby Centre

The Mum & Baby Centre is an educational centre for expectant and new families, with a unique family friendly café, permanently located at the Cyprus State Fair. The centre offers a wide range of services, including: ·       classes & seminars, ranging from baby massage and baby yoga classes to parent/baby workouts, breastfeeding support and antenatal advice. ·       a unique café, with facilities specially designed for families, including a breastfeeding room, a multi-sensory room for baby development, a soft play area for babies younger than 3 years old, a kids’ corner for quiet and creative play for older children, baby changing facilities. ·       baby birthday parties, baby showers & events

Location: Nicosia
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The Positive Birth Group

The Positive Birth Group is based in Paphos, Cyprus but has events and workshops throughout Cyprus.  Specialising in hypnobirthing, which is an antenatal care for women and birth partners to learn techniques and skills they can use to have the calm and tranquil birth of their choice. During the course mums-to-be and birth partners will be fully educated on all stages of pregnancy, birth and post-partum, as well as their choices and rights. The Positive Birth Group will also run support groups, relaxation classes and workshops. The Positive Birth Group want you and your birthing partner to look forward to a positive birthing experience. Contact details:  Email – Tel – 00357 99848522 Links:  Facebook – Website – Instagram –

Vedanta Yoga Centre

Yoga has never been alien to us. We have been doing it since we were a baby! Whether it is the Cat Stretch that strengthens the spine or the Wind-Relieving pose that boosts digestion, you will always find infants doing some form of yoga throughout the day. Yoga can be many things to many people. We are here to support the well-being and personal evolution in body, mind, heart and spirit. Rather than information, women take body memories and awareness to their labour space: this is how yoga is effective. Pregnancy Yoga Every Monday from 18h30 to 19h30 at Vedanta Yoga Centre  and Birthlight Yoga every Sunday from 11h30am to 12h30 Studies have suggested that practicing yoga during pregnancy can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. Maria Valvi is a certified Yoga teacher. Birthlight Yoga for Maternity aims to enhance women’s comfort during pregnancy and labour and to reduce the need for medical intervention in childbirth with carefully selected and tested adaptations of yoga. The Vedanta Yoga centre offers a Birthlight Pregnancy YogaRead More


Veronica – The Babywearing Expert

Meet Veronica “The Babywearing Expert”. I am a mum of four and know the challenges motherhood brings to new and experienced mums alike. You feel overwhelmed, your baby cries a lot, you have another baby who also needs attention, your significant other is feeling neglected, you really need your hands free! Through babywearing you will learn to read your baby’s clues, will manage your daily tasks much easier, will build a life time bond with your baby and learn to enjoy life as a mum!  One of my favorite parts of teaching babywearing is making it simple and easy. You can watch tens of videos. Only few of them will give you a good enough idea of using a particular baby carrier,  but none will consider your life stile, your family situation, your body type and your individual preferences and needs. I love giving mums confidece that what they do is really best for their baby. More than 10 years of practicing and providing professional consultations have proved to me that you are stronger than you think and babywearing willRead More

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Women Awakenings Academy

Women Awakenings Academy empowers, supports and educates Women & Couples in their Journeys of FERTILITY, PREGNANCY, BIRTH, and POST-NATAL period. Our private consultations, educational programs and treatments bridge modern science with ancient somatic Taoist and Tantric practices into an integrated mind-body approach and respect to the natural processes. We offer; Birth Doula support, Antenatal education –  ‘Embodied Birthing Course’, Pregnancy relaxation massage, Natural Fertility Consulting, Reproductive Massage, Postnatal Home Support, Birth Recovery massage and Mindful sexuality education for women and couples. LOCATION – Islandwide FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – Women Awakenings Academy – FERTILITY – PREGNANCY BIRTH  – POST-NATAL


Yoga & Birth (hypnobirthing)

Justyna Oratis is a certified yoga and hypnobirthing teacher.  She has traveled around the world for five years learning and practicing different teaching styles of yoga. Justyna is teaching  well woman, pregnancy, postnatal, mummy baby and kids yoga classes. Her path truly flourished when she got pregnant and felt a deep inner connection to her body and the life inside her. Inspired by ideas of having a calm, relaxed and in control  birth she embarked on another teacher training course in London KG Hypnobirthing. Her purpose is to empower woman to make them believe in their amazing body and mind abilities as a women to conceive, carry and give birth. She is passionate about birth through educating pregnant women and their birth partners how to best prepare themselves for the special time in life in order to be informed and have calm, relaxed birth no matter whether the birthing path will take. Justyna is teaching The WiseHippo Birthing Programme which is a complete antenatal course. She is teaching privately and in yoga studio. For more information please get in touch. 96903828

Location: Limassol
Related to: Pregnancy Yoga, birth, pregnancy


Προγράμματα Αγωγής Υγείας Μελλόντων Γονιών και Εγκύων

ΛΕΥΚΩΣΙΑ:Νοσοκομείο Αρχ. Μακάριος ΙΙΙ Εξωτερικά Ιατρεία Κάθε Πέμπτη 5:00 μ.μ. Πληροφορίες στο τηλέφωνο: 22405070-1-2-3 ΛΕΜΕΣΟΣ: Παλαιό Νοσοκομείο Λεμεσού Κέντρο Προστασία Μητρότητας και Ευημερίας Παιδιού Κάθε Τετάρτη 4:00 μ.μ. Πληροφορίες στο τηλέφωνο: 25305333 Ext. 234 ΛΑΡΝΑΚΑ: Νέο Νοσοκομείο Λάρνακας Αίθουσα ∆ιαλέξεων Μαιευτηρίου Κάθε Τετάρτη 4:30 μ.μ. Πληροφορίες στο τηλέφωνο: 24828768 Ext. 207 ΠΑΦΟΣ: Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Πάφου Αμφιθέατρο Νοσοκομείου Πάφου (2ος όροφος) Κάθε Τρίτη 9:00 π.μ. Πληροφορίες στο τηλέφωνο: 26803231

Ministry of Health

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