Personal Leadership Coach Christina Demetriades

Personal Leadership Coach Christina Demetriades

Christina is an accredited Coach and Mentor at the Master Practitioner level by EMCC Global and a certified Trainer through the European Commission’s Salto programme. She works as a Personal Leadership Coach/Mentor, Trainer, and Coach/Mentor Supervisor. Through her work either 1:1 or in groups, she guides people in developing leadership skills towards personal and professional self-actualization, to succeed in their goals and to enjoy meaning in life.

Christina loves supporting people through transitions, whether it is pregnancy, first-time parenthood, a career change or a change in one’s personal life (such as divorce) and empowering them to successfully manage the impact of such great changes. Another area she specializes in is dealing with burnout (whether as a professional or as a parent) and how to achieve work life balance in today’s crises-ridden world.

Christina is a recipient of the esteemed EMCC Global Coaching Award (2019), the highest recognition of best practice in coaching globally. A believer in the ability of each of us to lead fulfilling lives, as well as in the power of community, her professional motto is ‘Lead your life; lead your career; lead your community’.

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