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Birth Forward Parent2Parent is a peer mentoring program for young parents and parents to be connecting them with experienced and reflected parents all over the island.

Our goal is to built support circles empowering parents to feel more confident in their role during one of the most sensitive periods of their lives.

The mentoring teams meet around one hour per week virtually or face 2 face.

Our mentors have a rich pool of personal experiences, speak Greek, Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, French, German and Vietnamese and have been carefully selected and trained.

They are looking forward to be your supportive friend on your journey.

Participation is for free. Register here latest until the 10th of May.

More questions? Please feel free to contact Kate parent2paren(at)

Ekatherina (Nicosia: EN, RU)

Sheila Lange (Larnaca: EN, DE, SP)

Darya (Limassol: RU, EN)

Liza (Limassol: EN, RU)

Olga (Limassol: EN, RU)

Martha (Limassol,Paralimni: GR,EN,DE, Serbien)

Hülya (Nicosia: TR, EN,DT)


Larnaca: GR, EN

I am a Mother of two, one is 5½ & the other one is 2½. I am a Birth Consultant. I had two successful natural births, both were very different and amazing. I support breast feeding, my little one is still breastfeeding. Motherhood is a very interesting journey and is getting easier when someone is holding your hand, supports you and respects you! My approach of motherhood is to connect with my baby as early as possible and listen to him/her. At the same time I try to eliminate the outside noise so I can really listen to my baby. I will be here for you to remind you how strong, how fabulous, how important and how powerful you are!!!!


Larnaca: AR, EN

My name is Rania, from Syria. I’m a mum of an 8 years old girl. Raising my daughter alone since she was 3 years old, opened my eyes to see the inner power inside me and inside each mother in the world. I would love to use my experience to help other mothers to discover their potential strength inside them. Together we can share our experience and empower each other.

إسمي رانيا، من سوريا. أنا أم لطفلة عمرها ٨ سنوات. كوني أربي طفلتي وحدي، جعلني أكتشف بالقوة الكامنة داخلي و أشعر بوجودها داخل كل أم. و الآن يمكنني أن أساعد الأمهات الأخريات لكي يكتشفن قوتهن الكامنة لكونهن أمهات. معاً نستطيع أن نتبادل خبراتنا و ندعم بعضنا و نمد بعضنا بالقوة.


Larnaca: EN

My name is Bianca and I am from Scotland. I am a wife and a mother to two little girls - Arya 4 and Heidi 2 years.

After an induced labour and with the aid of forceps Arya came into the world – a happy healthy bundle of joy.  In contrast, Heidi was born moderately premature at 31 weeks due to low lying placenta and spent the first five weeks of her life in a neonatal intensive care unit. This was an extremely stressful time for our family.

Parenthood has completely changed my life and perception of the world.  Every day the girls grow and learn and as they grow I also grow. It has also inspired me to go out and try new things and give me the motivation to succeed.

In the future when my girls are older I have a long term goal of studying to become a midwife. My husband works overseas in the Middle East and is away from us for long periods of time, which can be extremely tough for us as a family unit. So until such times I am thankful I can be a full time stay at home mum and hopefully a supportive friend and listening ear to any new parents that might want to chat about their new role as a parent too.


Nicosia: TR, EN

I am a communications expert living in Nicosia. I have two children aged 10 and 5 –they have both taught me so much and we continue to grow together on this journey of life. I was born in Sydney, Australia to Turkish Cypriot parents whomigrated to Australia in the early 70s so I am fluent in both English and Turkish . I am passionate about women’s rights and empowerment and I have a soft spot for children of all ages because I believe that we have so much to learn from them. As part of this I would like to contribute to women ’s rights around birthing and the period after birth. When we see a woman’s rights being violated, we need to take a stand and speak up.  As women we need to stand together, to support each other and to give each other voice. We need to start with women and girls in our own families and circles, then join forces with other women around us and around the world – expanding our joint energy, joining forces. Together weare stronger. As a mentor for Birth Forward I hope I can support other women in my community in their journey of motherhood.