Baby Buddy Forward

Educational resource for each day from early pregnancy up to the six months of the baby's life.

The project “Baby Buddy Forward”, funded by Erasmus+: Adult Education, is the three-year (September 2017-August 2020) process of creating an online educational resource.

It is a structured formative research process in partnership with local and international academics, health professionals and of course parents themselves, designed to:

  • Gain insights into the experiences, expectations and needs of parents-to-be
  • Engage in active consultation with health professionals to guide and advice the process
  • Co-create relevant content that addresses the true needs with wider reach

The new platform is based on the multi-award winning free app Baby Buddy, created by our partner Best Beginnings and endorsed by the UK Department of Health and all relevant professional associations in the UK, which will be enhanced with new material relevant for Cyprus and potentially for the Greek, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and English speaking populations in Greece, Germany and beyond.

Baby Buddy Forward aims to create multilingual information to guide the transition into parenthood in an easy to understand language, accessible at any point of time convenient to the parents. It uses tailored rich material including audio and video material to connect with the parents.

Baby Buddy Forward is an educational resource with evidence-based, bite sized pieces of information for each day from early pregnancy up to the six months of the baby's life.

This Erasmus Plus Project is the first attempt to take Baby Buddy forward on its first international trip! Using co-creation and transdisciplinary collaboration, we are committed to the process of testing the efficacy of the app in a new socio-cultural and linguistic setting, whilst ensuring its relevance and suitability for parents.