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Deborah Carlisle Solomon: Baby Knows Best: Raising a Confident and Resourceful Child

How do we not only (over) love our babies but actually treat them respectfully? Deborah Carlisle Solomon’s speaks about the necessity to respect the competence the baby already has and give it the freedom to experience it in a free, of course safe but uninterrupted daily play.


Boost Your Fertility and Prevent Miscarriage with Nutrition

Leading nutritionist Dr Marily Glenville speaks about what couples can do to maximize their chances of conceiving and staying pregnant. Is it necessary to take supplements during pregnancy? Which foods should women eat for hormonal imbalance? What are good alternatives to sugar?

Michel Odent

Michel Odent: Protection of an Involuntary Process – A new revolutionary way of thinking about birth

Michel Odent’s over 60 years of practise and research in childbirth reveal that there is a huge lack of understanding of the physiology of birth and that we hinder the the unfolding of the involuntary process birth on a big scale.


Jen Kamel: Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) is a safe option

“VBAC facts is all about letting people know that there is an option.” What is important is to really understand the different risks of the different options or a repeat caesarean or VBAC and to understand what is right for YOU. Learn more in this interview what are the things to ask, what to learn and how to make an informed decision.

Jeanne Ohm

Jeanne Ohm: How about we let life express its intelligence at birth?

“ The body knows what it’s doing! How about we follow that and do what the body tells us to do?” We eat an apple and the body knows how to digest it. Our body also knows how to create life and give birth. Everything in birth happens for a reason.


Amanda Burleigh: Optimal Cord Clamping

“They are transferring approximately 30% of baby’s intended total blood volume via the cord to the baby whilst the baby transitions to life outside their mother.” Learn more about the benefits and evidence behind that small but very important moment in life when the cord from Baby to mother is cut from the expert.

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