Jeanne Ohm: How about we let life express its intelligence at birth?

“ The body knows what it’s doing! How about we follow that and do what the body tells us to do?”

Life expresses intelligence: We eat an apple and the body knows how to digest it. Our body also knows how to create life and give birth. Everything in birth happens for a reason. How about if we observe the natural process and do anything to support that?

About the speaker

Jeanne Ohm is a legend in Chiropractic from the United States committed to educate and other practitioners with the information to support natural birthing in their practices. As executive editor and publisher of the magazine “Pathways to Family Wellness” as well as mother and grandmother, public speaker, author, practising chiropractor, educator in many Chiropractic colleges, researcher, Board member of ICPA and much more she inspires, educates and connects like minded people around the globe.


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