Highlights of the past

Highlights of the past

Highlights of the past

Parent Workshop

In order to reach out to migrants and the more rural areas, we ran a series of parent workshop face-to-face and online in collaboration with other stakeholders.

BBF launch conference for Health Professionals and Stakeholders

Around 100 Health Professionals and 20 representatives of different Stakeholders representing NGOs, politicians, online influencers and many others came together to learn about Baby Buddy and how to enhance it’s potential together. Keynote live streaming

Advocacy Strategy Development Training

Supported by the Grow Civic in kind support the advocacy committee under the guidance of an experienced advocacy consultant developed a new advocacy strategy.

Closing BBF Transnational Project Meeting

On 30th and 31th of July the core international project staff from Cyprus University of Technology, Birth Forward – Cyprus,  Best Beginnings, Πανεπιστήμιο Δυτικής Αττικής / University of West Attica , Evangelische Hochschule Berlin (EHB) and Cosmoanelixis has focused on policy recommendations and activities how to make the implementation of…
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Sucessful Advocacy Work for direct access from women of midwives

The parliament wanted to get a law through that women could only access midwifes through referrals of doctors. Due to extensive advocacy with a public letter to the MPs and personal phone calls and visits the decision could be reversed and women can now access midwifes for educational purposes without…
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The wheel of change – training COM B Model

An absolute highlight of 2020 was the training with the Baby Buddy Forward international project team which created http://babybuddy.com.cy joining in from Cyprus, England, Germany, Greece and Sri Lanka on the COM B Model from UCL Centre for Behaviour Change on how to harness cross-disciplinary expertise to address social, health…
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Birth Forward Team στο πιο δυνατός κρίκος

Ο πιο δυνατός κρίκος ήταν αυτή η ομάδα! Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ σε όλες τις κοπέλες! Μόλις ολοκληρώσαμε το γύρισμα για ένα επεισόδιο Ο Πιο Αδύναμος Κρίκος, μαζεύοντας χρήματα (820€) για τον οργανισμό μας και προωθώντας το Baby Buddy Forward Https://babybuddy.com.cy/ Anthia Ioannou Chrysta Ntzani Andri Christoudia Gumuskut Irakledia Papairaklediou Maria Sofokleous…
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Birth Forward Online Series with Baby Buddy

With 17 online live seminars and nearly 1000 participants all together Birth Forward supported pregnant couples during Lockdown and promoted the newly release Baby Buddy Platform.

BBF big launch event postponed

With over 200 expected participants due to corona the planned press release and conference had to be postponed.

Final placement of all content in babybuddy.com.cy

105 new videos have been filmed in co-creation with the Cypriot parents and medical associations.

Planning for a mum-to-mum mentoring program

Beginning of the planning for a mum-to-mum mentoring support program

Applying for new EU Project grands
Applying for new EU Project grands

13th of November: Gender-based Violence in Perinatal Care: Capacity-building and Advocacy (GBV-READY) (still waiting for evaluation of application) 14th of November:  Application for Horizon 2020 EU project OMNIHOME (unfortunately rejected February 2019)

Research Discussion Groups

7th November- 4th December 12 Focus groups with all together nearly 70 parents in 5 different languages (Greek, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, English) in Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia and Kyreania about their needs