About Birth Forward

Everyone has the right to be fully prepared and educated about the creation of a family.

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If you don’t find the information you need on this website please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always interested to hear from anyone who has suggestions for an event or service in Cyprus or would like to offer their support. We do our best to answer any questions about birthing and babies or put you in touch with someone who can.

Our Vision

Everyone has the right to be fully prepared and educated about the creation of a family. Birth Forward empowers mothers, fathers and professionals, supporting them to make autonomous decisions with a conscious use of technology while respecting the nature of preconception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

What we do

The Objectives are:

  • to create conditions that support women, men, families and professionals regarding conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting and health by raising respect, trust, knowledge and providing support.
  • to empower women in their innate ability to give birth, to empower chosen companions to be effective birth partners and, to empower professionals in their efforts to provide well balanced services by offering knowledge and information alongside psychological and emotional preparation for labor, breastfeeding and parenthood
  • to persuade trust in the natural process of birth and avoid unnecessary medical interventions by providing relevant information and emotional support to women and their partners
  • to remind women of their natural rights to experience a comfortable labor, to find comfortable labor positions, to protect their privacy and autonomy, and to assume a stance of an active participant in the birthing process in a suitable environment
  • to assist couples in making informed and engaged choices regarding conception, pregnancy, and birth based on the latest research and conscious use of technology and obstetric procedures as well as personal inclination
  • to support families to achieve and maintain well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually constantly to learn about topics relating to our practice, providing a space to network and as well as promoting cooperation between the public and private sector in order to establish best practice
  • to research the current environment in order to identify where change is needed and to lobby for change to follow European Recommendations and Rights


Birth forward will implement its services by

  • Providing an online platform that offers information about local public and private services as well as up to date knowledge about the subjects
  • Organizing and offering events, training, conferences, consulting research and other services and raising awareness in the areas of conception, pregnancy

Why we do it

  • Cesarean rate biggest in Europe,

  • Breastfeeding rate the lowest

  • Violation of human rights in birth

  • Negative health impacts on mother and child (physically and psychologically)

  • Updated practises to EU standards

  • Mothers/fathers/caretakers feel isolated and lack support

Who we are


Members of the Board



Dr. Eline Pedersen (DC)

Doctor of Chiropractic
Birth Assistant


Vice President, Spokeswoman Greek Community

ioli Orphanide Eteocleous

Greek Philology, currently phd candidate Frederick University


Secretary, Spokeswoman Turkish Community

Özge Altay Erten

Educator, Lecturer at Ataturk Faculty of Education, Near East University

Marios Tinis

Treasurer, Director of Finance

Marios Tinis

BBA, MSc, Fraud Analyst



Director of HR and Volunteer Management

Anastasia Uvarova



Project Manager Support Groups

Tanny Tran



Director of Communication

Emma Michael

Yoga Teacher and Body Therapist, Project Manager




Veronika Christodoulides

Adult Educator

Founding Members:

Dr Eline Pedersen (Initiator and President of birth forward, Doctor of Chiropractic, Birth Assistant)

Andriani Suri (Member of the Board birth forward, previous Matron of Larnaca Hospital, Midwife)

Maria Theodorou (Treasurer birth forward, Facilitator, Project Manager, IT)

Stephanie Nicolaou (Vice-President birth forward, Embriologist, Doula and Birth Educator)

Veronika Christodoulides (Secretary and Project Manager birth forward, Adult Educator, Intercultural Communication Trainer, Workshop Facilitator)

Dr Emily Joseph (Member of the Board birth forward, Paediatrician, Breastfeeding Consultant)

Karolina Vinokurava-Eilon (Member of the Board birth forward, Psychologist, Facilitator of First Step)

Stalo Lesta (Freelance Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Researcher, Human Rights Educator, NGO Management Consultant)

Viola Edward De Glanville (Personal & Organizational Sustainable Development, Psychotherapist)

Idil Seytanglou (Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach)

Sappho Hajistyliamou (Midwife, Founding Member Filotokos)
Bettina Poetis (Physiotherapist and Childbirth Educator)

Tanny Tran (Midwife)

Dr George Samoutis (GP, Professor in Primary Care at the University of Nicosia Medical School and holds an honorary appointment with St George’s, University of London)

Dr Andreas Anastasiou (PH.D Counseling Psychologist, Head of the Department of Social Sciences and as Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Nicosia)

Costas Hadjikonstantinou (Chiropractor)

Nadia Karayianni (Business Development Manager)

Dr Irene Paphiti-Demetriou (Pediatritition, Founding Member and President of the NGO “Gift of Life” (Cyprus Breastfeeding Association))

Marianna Vassiliou (Lawyer)

Chrystalla Stavrou (Accountant)


Roles and Responsibilities

Veronika Christodoulides, General Coordinator

Ioli Orphanides, Media Representative (ioli@birthforward, 00357 99361863)

Hatice Ozalp, Regional Coordinator Kyrenia

Yasmine Tan, Fundraising

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If you would like to know more about our work or would like our help in sourcing information please contact us using the form below.