Jen Kamel: Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) is a safe option

“VBAC facts is all about letting people know that there is an option.”

Many parents don’t know that VBAC is a choice. What is important is to really understand the different risks of the different options or a repeat caesarean or VBAC and to understand what is right for YOU. Learn more in this interview what are the things to ask, what to learn and how to make an informed decision.

About the speaker

Jen Kamel, founder of VBAC facts helped thousands of birth professionals and parents around the world to become clear about the evidence on VBAC. She believe that every person should have access to VBAC. Her mission is to make that a reality throughout the United States and beyond.

“Girls, from the time they are born, are raised to be mothers. They are given dolls instead of cars. They are told that the ultimate good they can do is to sacrifice themselves for another. And they are cut off from their own needs, wants, desires, health, and bodies. Flash forward to the time when they have their own children within the medical system. “All that matters is a healthy baby” rings in their ears as those they love, trust, and respect repeat this old mantra. But what is lost in that message is the importance of a healthy parent. And the concept of respectful medical care is held up as an impossibility for the sake of the baby. The truth is, healthy babies, healthy parents, and a respectful birth experience should be the goal.”

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