Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co

Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co

I’m Lisa Gargaro, a holistic baby and child sleep consultant, based in Paphos, Cyprus. I help exhausted and overwhelmed parents get back to sleep which allows them to parent with confidence all over Cyprus and the UK . 

Having had issues with my own children’s sleep which resulted in myself developing Insomnia I turned to find help. having turned to read lots of books, which at the time of sleep deprivation were too complicated in my exhausted mind, eventually, I just got the professional support it needed. Transformation in my family and I was unbelievable. This was when I made the decision to become a sleep consultant. Sleep is taught, not natural. They don’t in most cases grow out of it. what you find is as adults they still continue to have sleeping issues of some kind or another. Sleep is not a luxury or necessity,  it is essential. The only other thing which is needed more by your body is breathing.. 

Over the last 5 years, I have achieved several certifications in infant and child sleep, phycology, childhood development, supporting children’s behavior, being a CBT Cognitive behavioral therapist, I can use all of this knowledge to help us focus on positive steps forwards.

 Along with having studied mental health and am currently study to be a doula. This means that as a result of all these qualifications and experience I have I can offer you a truly holistic, rounded and whole-family approach to support you with your sleep and parenting.


Schedule a call about the Introductory sleep consultation here where I will chat with you about my programs and what they offer you to help your sleep.

The greatest compliment you can give me is your referral to a friend or colleague!  Thank you.