Art Therapy

My name is Christa Kamenou, I am an art psychotherapist. I have worked in the private sector for the last 11 years offering art psychotherapy to groups and individuals with a variety of issues, like low self esteem, stress, interpersonal difficulties, substance abuse, learning dificulties, depression and anxiety, traumatic or difficult experiences and a general need of psychological self improvement. I have cooparated with the Mental Helth Services, the Association for Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family – SPAVO, the Ministry of Education offering art therapy interventions to schools, and with the Nea Eleousa Institution. I am also a clinical supervisor to other professionals.
I offer art psychotherapy sessions to individuals who need a creative way of emotional and psychological support in the issues that concern them. In the sessions the individuals can explore their concerns by mentalization, creativity and talking in a safe and trusted environment.
New parents, pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive can benefit greatly as they are given the chance to share, create and explore together issues that might be hard to express in words, as art has a non threatening way of expressing what is difficult to be said, but also to built positive emotions instantly.
Groups can also be organized for those who wish to share with others their experiences and benefit from the group dynamics.
One needs not to be good at or experienced in art to benefit from art psychotherapy. Emphasis is given on the innate ability to create and explore a person’s concers and story, to reflect on her/his own images and proccess and to understand the energies within the self.
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