Dobem Zehra Ayça Aysen

Dobem Zehra Ayça Aysen

do & bem Founded in 2015 in Nicosia (in the North) to change the negative beliefs of the birth of the parents before and after the birth, to prepare them for their birth and their babies.

We give the birth preparation training and breastfeeding and baby care training, in compatible line with Lamaze International, Active Birth and HypnoBirthing training system to the international standards. With the services of Pre & Perinatal Birth Therapy and Doula (birth support) services, we are proud of preparing them for this process by supporting every process of the family.

Zehra Ayça Aysen was born in Nicosia 1st of August 1985. In 2009, she graduated from Near East University, , Faculty of Arts and Sciences , Department of Psychology and during her undergraduate studies he worked voluntarily at different child-development and rehabilitation centers and took part in trainings to support family informants and in-house trainings.

After completing the graduate program of the Near East University Clinical Psychology Department in 2012, she established the Personal Development & Psychotherapy Center. Here she still continues to work about; Individual Therapies (personal development, communication problems, anger disorders or depression, anxiety disorders, patient psychology, panic attacks, etc.), Family Relations and Divorce, Fear and Anxiety Disorders in Adolescents and Children and Adolescent Mental Health.


Between 2009 and 2015, She worked Mehmet Reis Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center of the Turkish Cypriot Orthopedic Association for Disabled People as a corporate psychologist. She has pioneered various studies on self-acceptance, self-confidence, lack of attention, grief, hyperactivity, anger control, socialization skills and communication skills by doing individual studies with disabled individuals and their families.


In 2014, she specialized in Birth Psychology with trainings she received at the İstanbul Birth Academy and examines the effects of birth on both women and mothers and infants. In order to be able to support healthier and traumatic births she set up the do&bem Birth and Baby Preparation Center. In February 2018, Isppm e.V. (International Society for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine) she has become a member.


Now; Continues to offer internationally standardized birth and paternal candidates who are preparing for parenting at the center in Nicosia for the couples who are preparing to become parents.


Location: Famagusta, Keryneia, Nicosia
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