Earth Spa and Wellness Center: Pregnancy Pilates

Earth Spa and Wellness Center: Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy treatments and massage packages are among Earth spas signature treatments! Packages include weekly treatments that are designed to relieve mother from pregnancy symptoms and help a smooth baby development.  These treatments include reflexology, general and pelvic lymphatic drainage, abdominal toning, back and neck treatment, sciatic treatment.

Earth Spa and Wellness Center officially opened its doors in May 2010 in the Makenzy Area and brought a breath of fresh air to the town of Larnaka. With friendly and highly specialized staff as well as state of the art equipment, Earth spa is offering a large variety of treatments for the face and body, as well as beauty and hair treatments. The Spa’s main philosophy and goal is not only outer beauty but also the rejuvenation and relaxation of all senses, including mind and spirit.

At the same time Earth Spa offers Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions, either private or group. There are also special packages for couples, pregnancy, friends, hens parties, wedding packages, birthday parties, and many more, in the specially designed rooms of the Spa. Special seminars regarding the mind and body are also hosted on specific days.

The Company’s main philosophy is to protect the environment so that in return it will protect us as well. Products in the Spa are made from certified organic ingredients, from the treatment products to the towels, and almost everything that makes up the space.

Location: Larnaca
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