Dr Eline Pedersen. Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr Eline Pedersen. Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr Eline Pedersen
Doctor of Chiropractic

Honoris Cause Doctorate of Humanity” specializing in Leadership (AUGP)

Initiator and President of NGO “Birth Forward” Dr Eline Pedersen fundamentally believes in nature’s way of adapting to every aspect of life. As a wellness family chiropractor she studies what she has named the individual’s “HQ” or ‘Health Quotient”. The “Health Quotient” is a measure of an individual’s adaptive state of health, based on their physical, emotional and chemical wellbeing, within the individual’s epigenetic and environmental context. This fits perfectly with the philosophy of chiropractic – that healing is an innate action, which happens from within and that the body is a self-healing organism.
Having this in mind, and studying the work of Dr Michel Odent, where he concludes that the most critical time in life affecting our physical and mental health, is the moment of birth, Eline passionately devoted her work and personal life,on making a human being’s birth time the beginning of a well lived healthy lifetime, close to the way nature intended it to be. She believes we have the responsibility to protect the first breath of each new born child, to grow into a fearless, integrated, connected and healthy adults.
As a true mentor and leader, Eline inspires mothers to claim their right for bringing to life not just a child, but a respected and responsible human being, to ensure that our next generation starts off in an adaptable and self-healing state with the best possible HQ, EQ (emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in a protected and healthy environment.
She also encourages women, not only in her community but also globally, to take massive action in their lives to be happy and to choose work that fits with their personal philosophy, as love and passion are the core factors for success both in business and in personal life. If we do something we love that is meaningful to us, we automatically want to spread the message to others, building a happier community all around.
Her concern in life as a young woman, mother, a pediatric and pregnancy chiropractor, drove her to the initiative to “Birth Forward”, an internationally recognized non-governmental, non-profit organization providing education, support and advocacy for parents in the process of becoming a family.
Though Eline works internationally for global change, she has her base in Cyprus with her beloved fellow chiropractor Costas and her two boys. She is the owner of Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic in Scotland and their Chiropractic clinics called Health Q. in Cyprus along with her husband Costas. Eline has been honored with a number of awards, of particular note, for her inspirational and humanitarian work, as a chiropractor, Health/wellness mentor and founding member of “Birth Forward”. She has also received an “Honoris Cause Doctorate of Humanity” specializing in Leadership (AUGP) and is an active advisor on several projects with regard the human rights and health. She has been featured in various publications one of them being the “Tough Road Creates Tough People”.

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