Human Rights In Childbirth – Eastern Europe 2015

cropped-cropped-header1111Human Rights in Childbirth Eastern Europe

Zagreb, Croatia – 16-17 April 2015

Hotel Dubrovnik, 1 Ljudevita Gaja Street, Zagreb
On the 16th and 17th of April, 2015, RODA has the immense pleasure of co-hosting the Human Rights in Childbirth Eastern Europe Conference. Human Rights in Childbirth is an international NGO based in The Hague that researches and promotes the recognition of fundamental human rights in maternity care systems and practices.

HRiC has held three international conferences, two in Europe and one in the United States, convening lawyers and activists along with doctors, midwives, social scientists, bioethicists and other concerned people for the discussion of the human rights at stake for women and newborns. These conferences allowed the sharing of information about the efforts and actions underway in different places toward the development of evidence-based and respectful maternity care.^2CAAA831263CB0D316E6B2D618338ABDB868EA91DDEFEA78C7^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-604x270-604x270

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