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Support Group Revisiting and Sharing Your Birth Experience (Nicosia)

May 16, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The birth experience can be life changing filled with joy and happiness. But for quite a few the journey of giving birth can be overwhelming and even isolating. It can also leave a tremendous emotional impact. Feelings of disappointment, sadness, shame or failure can complicate our transition to motherhood, attachment and influence our perspective on future birthing experiences.

Whatever the specifics of your birth experience were, the support group will provide a safe place to connect with other women and process your emotions in a healing way. This support group is for anyone who would like to talk to other mothers, share birth experiences and a place where mothers can support one another in a safe space discussing as little or as much as they like.

The support group will be facilitated by Birth Forward professional members, a psychologist as well as a midwife. These professionals can use their work experience and knowledge of labour and birth, to help answer questions about birth experiences, try to see them from new angles, to refer for further support and if appropriate to share information regarding future birth choices.


FREE event, but we recommend a volunteer donation of 15 € to cover costs towards Birth Forward.
Please confirm your attendance by email or 99882246. It’s first come, first serve. We won’t take more than 6 people at a time.


“Talking about my experience to other women was liberating: it was exactly what I needed to finally let go of the negative impact that my emergency c-section had on me. The psychologist’s suggestions and the midwife’s explanations were catalytic to this too. Highly recommended for all women who have given birth, in any way!”

“As much as my birth experience wasn’t only pleasant, sharing my story with these amazing women gave me a new more positive perspective on my experience, answered some open questions and helped me to close it. Women coming together and sharing their stories which are so close to their heart was very powerful. Even only listening to the others I’ve learned a lot. I can only recommend this to everybody who want to grow and connect with themselves and other women.”

“Attending a Revisiting Birth workshop was a very unique experience, as often birth is not talked about as an emotional journey but rather that an event that resulted in a healthy baby. Mother’s emotions, questions and thoughts are often left behind. It was helpful to have a specialist who gave a very clear explanation on why a mother may feel upset, unfulfilled or incomplete after birth of a baby, and give some advice on how this can be addressed and resolved further. Simple act of sharing creates sense of unity for all mothers present and gives them a knowledge to spread further and hopefully, make someone else’s experience fulfilling and joyful!”

“Sharing with other women the experience of birthing my son, was very special in many ways. We cried together and supported and hugged, it was all needed after such a life changing experience. No matter how much time has passed from the actual birth, I felt that only women who have become mothers can understand me. It was very important for me to listen to other birth stories and to reflect together on what happened. I truly enjoyed being with other women!

“Due to the way my birth experience unfolded, I had a few lingering questions so I jumped at the chance of attending the Revisiting Birth workshop. The midwife offered possible explanations to my questions and I feel less confused about the events. I’m very grateful to Birth Forward for providing this avenue as I do feel that it helped me move on. It was also fascinating to hear the range of birth stories of others and I’d say the workshop would be beneficial to anyone having anything to do with birth (giving, about to give, assisting, supporting, standing next to, etc).”

“As a midwife, I have felt throughout my work experience that women after their deliveries are not given the space and time to discuss the events surrounding their baby birth.This workshop is an opportunity for the mothers to revisit their birth experience in a safe and friendly environment, to share their feelings and to receive feedback to unanswered questions. This debriefing process is an important part of the journey of pregnancy and birth but it is often neglected or ignored within a clinical environment mainly due to time constraint or lack of interest from the medical professionals. The workshop allows mothers to find answers and closure for an event which has important repercussions in their attitudes towards motherhood and beyond.”


May 16, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm




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