Viola Edward Personal and Corporate Advisor

Viola Edward Personal and Corporate Advisor

Viola Edward is a co-founder/owner of GRIT Academy and Partner of Creative Women Platform. The Co-creator of the BQ- Breath Intelligence and GRIT Method.

Viola also sits on the boards NGO’s and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and for Gender Equity. A multi-awarded personal & corporate advisor, transcultural psychotherapist, business consultant, professional breathwork & mentoring trainer with 30 years of experience Breath is at the core of every person’s wellbeing”.

Viola also specialises in Breath for Recovery, Feminine Energy, Relationships and Family Business. Pioneer in emotional well-being in the workplace since the nineties, bridging the space between breathwork therapy and business management, working internationally in a cross pollination between self-development, management, and leadership.

Awards include: – Doctorate Honoris Causa for her humanitarian work and leadership, Aspirational Woman, Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring and the Honorary Mentor. Author of two books: – “Breathing the Rhythm of Success”, “Who Makes the Bed?” and co-author of 13 more. 

Viola is a founder member of Birth Forward and their consultant since day one.