Who we are
Birth Forward is an island wide Non-Governmental Organization formed in 2014 formed by professionals and parents that felt there is a need to improve and expand the birthing culture in Cyprus. Birth Forward stands as an ambassador for parents who wish to make healthy choices, give birth naturally when possible, breastfeed their babies and generally give them the best potential for a great and healthy life. Birth Forward doesn’t aim just to change statistics and reduce C-section rates; it strives to change the potential for life!

Our target group
Birth Forwards includes people from various fields in every line of work: midwives, pediatricians, doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, leadership trainers, educators, teachers, managers, workers, passionate parents and most importantly anyone who wants to make a difference!!

As a member of Birth Forward, you will have the opportunity to…
-Stand up for what you believe, make a difference and contribute to improving the quality of life in your community and the society in Cyprus at large.
-Continuously acquire new knowledge and information about preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.
-Share experiences and knowledge with others.
-Use your creative skills, explore solutions to problems and respond to challenges.
-Interact with a passionate, multicultural and diverse group of people.
-Participate in volunteer trainings for our members.
-Vote and if you wish be elected in the governing body of the organization, provided that you are a member for more than three months.

Personal Membership fee is 20 Euro a year
Note: The subscription is valid from the day we receive your payment for a year. Members who have not paid their subscription for three consecutive years are no longer considered members of the organisation.

Professional Membership fee is 50 Euro a year
- a listing on our directory
- as well as an article in our resources and
- a promotional Facebook post
- We are regularly on many TV and Radio Shows as well as have articles in newspapers where we always need experts. Members will be considered first.

We regret to inform that we are excluding ivf and maternity clinics and pharmaceuticals from professional membership.