The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga offers you a unique opportunity to exercise your body, whilst giving you benefits, which reach beyond just the physical. While practicing pregnancy (or often called prenatal) yoga has been proven to help you prepare your body for childbirth, there are also numerous emotional and spiritual benefits.

Physical Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a transformational experience for you. Your body changes at a rapid rate, but there are also transformations occurring emotionally and spiritually. On a physically level, pregnancy yoga can strengthen and stretch the muscles that are supporting your growing baby. It also builds strength and flexibility in the muscles that you will be using during childbirth. It can alleviate your back pain and common symptoms such as breathlessness, sickness, pain around the pelvis, and swelling around sensitive joints.

Connection through Breath

The breath is a keystone of all yoga practices, and is a key tool in journeying you through your pregnancy and childbirth. Breathing techniques bring more oxygen into your body, and work to strengthen muscles deep within your. Intentional breathing and meditation practices during the class gives you an inward focus. This is an opportunity for you to reflect and connect on a deeper level with yourself and your baby.

You’re bond with your baby starts from pregnancy and a good pregnancy yoga class will cultivate this.

Classes will usually end with a guided relaxation. Having enough time an opportunity to relax during your during pregnancy cannot be underestimated. It is an opportunity to completely switch off from your concerns and anxieties and be with yourself and your baby. The body can rest and recoup and the mind can be at peace. You feel relaxed, so your baby feels relaxed.

Pregnancy Journey and Preparation for Childbirth

Some teachers will direct the focus of the class on your pregnancy journey. Other teachers offer yoga, movements and breathing techniques that will assist you up to and during childbirth. The class is also a great opportunity to connect with other pregnancy women. This can provide you with a sense of support and community.

It’s recommended that you start a class after your first trimester, and it’s important that when you are looking for a teacher, you chose one with a pregnancy yoga qualification.

Emma Michael

Pre&Postnatal Yoga Teacher

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