Stavrodromi Waldorf Education Centre

Stavrodromi Waldorf Education Centre

The Stavrodromi Waldorf Education Centre is a non-profit organisation with parents and educators working towards a more mindful, play-driven, and natural education for our children according to world-renowned Waldorf pedagogy. The heart and core of Stavrodromi is our daily early childhood program for young children (ages 2-5) in Geri, Nicosia. 

Our day care centre is motivated by trust in each child’s wonder in the world and their innate desire to learn through imitation and self-directed free play. We implement a daily rhythm that allows for mixed age groups, prioritising education of the head, hands and heart, emotional literacy, closeness with nature, and seasonal traditions and customs. Next to spending a good bit of their mornings outside in our big garden, our kids play with natural and open ended toys, sing, craft, plant, explore, learn, discover, enjoy communally prepared organic meals, and bask in the warm, secure and joyful ambience of their “home away from home”. Our work is supported by international organisations like “Freunde Waldorf e.V.” and “IASWECE”. Be welcome, dear kids and parents, to our community!

Call for a visit +357-99586369.


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