Pachamama Centre – Pregnancy Yoga, Biodanza and Bach Remedies

Pachamama Centre – Pregnancy Yoga, Biodanza and Bach Remedies

Pachamama Center in Nicosia has Yoga and Tango classes with weekly groups and private lessons. Additionally  we are doing Biodanza & Essential Remedies therapies- (Bach). Our yoga is consider therapeutic, because we are concentrate not only to exercise our body, but to heal different injuries, or other functions of the body. Also we want to seek internal balance and peace. We are working with people who have special needs or special difficulties . We have yoga on the chair for people who cant seat on the floor.
With pregnant women we are creating groups of yoga and Biodanza to prepare the mother to enjoy a healthful journey until the day she will give birth, but also to create a special bond with her child and feel support with the other mothers of the group and the facilitator


Eleftheria Christou is Yoga Teacher since 1995. She study Yoga in three different schools, Ananda Marga, Oki Yoga, and Integral Yoga and is a member of International Federation of Yoga. She is Specialist in therapeutic Yoga for pregnant women, and generally for all the people who has musculoskeletal problems. We can call this type of yoga “Soft Yoga, or Yogatherapy”. Is based in strechings, stay in the posture for some time, and let the body release any tensions. Correcting problems of spine, tenonditis, and many others. Combine the breathing and the movement, we are creating, the time and the space between each posture to relax, and go more deeply in the body.


Biodanza is a human integration system of organic renewal, of  affective re-education,and of re-learning of the life original functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias through music, singing, movements and group encounter situations. Eleftheria is a qualified teacher since 2010 from International Biocentric Foundation.

Bach Remedies

We are using Bach Remedies (extracts from flowers) to help people in different emotional situations, which are providing them stress, fears, insecurities, panic attacks etc.  It also can be used for newborn babies, to help them adapt to their new environment etc.

They also offer Tango lessons and have Milongas at the centre.
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