Liza Schaefer – Doula, Breastfeeding Consultant, Mom of 4 kids

Doula, Breastfeeding Consultant, Mom of 4 kids. More than 8 years of doula experience together with women on their way to motherhood. Lisa speaks Russian, Belarusian, German and English.

Her goal is to help women find their own inner source  of strength. She wants motherhood to become easier for women, kids to be born and grown up in tranquility and reliance, and families to have more support and mutual understanding. She inspires moms to self-realisation for a better world.


In pregnancy: Childbirth education induvidually and in groups. Neurographics drawing.

In labour: Doula support. Breastfeeding help.

In postpartum period: Belly thai-massages with herbal sacks and oil. Postpartum closing ceremony for moms. Birth Story Sharing Marathon online.

Lisa works in all the cities of Republic of Cyprus. 

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