Dr Eline Pedersen DC

BSc, MSc, Doctor of Chiropractic

Eline graduated in 2004 from Anglo European College of Chiropractic. Since her student days she has proactively worked with a multidisciplinary approach where the patient is at the centre of their health care, respected, informed and offered the best available evidence based practice from his or her chosen health team.

She has dedicated her career to understanding the effect of birth trauma to the developing child, and the pregnant and birthing woman’s health and wellbeing in transition to motherhood. She loves the chiropractic role in the multidisciplinary birthing team working together for the best possible birth outcome by reducing the chances for both physical, chemical and emotional stress and trauma during pregnancy and birth.

In 2014 she took the initiative to the now well recognised non profit organisation Birth Forward in Cyprus founded by health professionals, parents and individuals with a common passion for improving the birthing culture and high statistics of interventions at birth. As the president of Birth Forward Eline has a real passion for the organisations activities by giving support, empowerment and education by bringing awareness of the European Medical Guidelines and the latest research on evidence based birth practice while supporting the natural birth process when possible.

Proudly, Eline has recently been invited as a professional member of the International Institute of Compassionate Care and is looking forward to contributing to the institutes work.

She enjoys her chiropractic life with her family of two lovely boys and fellow chiropractic husband Costas dividing their time between their clinics in Scotland and Cyprus.