Mummy and Me Wellness Centre

Mummy and Me Wellness Centre is the place to be!

The idea behind the creation of Mummy & Me Wellness Centre was to be able to provide and support all women in this beautiful journey of Motherhood. From pregnancy to after birth, all under one roof. At our studio we are offering:

* Clinical Pilates

* Prenatal Clinical Pilates

* Postnatal Clinical Pilates – starting as early as 6 weeks Postpartum

* Toddler’s Activity 10 months – 2 years old – Mummy (or/and Daddy!) and child

* Let’s Move 2-5 Years Old * Infant Massage * Seminars

* Psychological support

* Mum to Mum support group

* Breastfeeding Support

Additionally we offer Nutritional advice for:

* Pregnancy * Childhood obesity

* Family Healthy Eating Habits

Location: Paphos
Related to: birth, parenting

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