Dunstan baby language understanding baby’s cry

Dunstan baby language understanding baby’s cry

Did you know that your baby’s cry express their needs?
Did you know that all babies cry with the same sounds?

Dunstan baby language is a breakthrough method that helps you understand your baby’s cry. Research has shown that babies all over the world have the ability to express their basic needs through 5 sounds,

How come? The cry is base on a reflex.
By recognising the sounds you will know exactly what your baby needs are, and know  when he/she crys  just mean that he/she has a need that has not been met.

Researchers found that:

  • 70% reported their baby settled faster.
  • 50% reported an increase in uninterrupted sleep for both their baby and themselves.
  • Greater confidence in your ability as a parent
  • 70% of parents experienced greater self-esteem and a reduction in stress.
  • They felt more confident, relaxed and in control.
  • 50% experienced better feeding results.
  • Fathers reported reduced levels of stress, and more positive marital relationships
  • as an immediate result of greater paternal involvement.

Parents can learn this method while pregnant or up to 4 months after the birth
All proceed from the seminars are donate to Birth forward organisation.

Lital Bleichfeld,

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